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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demonstrate a renewed global commitment to health, underpinned by target 3.8 for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) whereby all people have access to needed health services of good quality and without risk of financial hardship. WHO is further strengthening its role as a convener and provider of “technical guidance” on health systems strengthening to promote health equity and health security. The overall aim of the Health Financing Technical Network (HFTN) is to enhance the technical know-how and the quality of advisory services WHO and its partners give to countries on the economics and financing of health systems. To do this, the HFTN provides a knowledge network bringing together relevant experts, advisory groups and communities of practice working in this field.

The HFTN online is for those interested in health financing policy for UHC, including policy makers and practitioners, technical advisors, practitioners, WHO health financing staff, and participants in one of WHO’s face-to-face health financing courses and meetings. This online network is a place to share information, find updates on new materials or events related to WHO's work on health financing policy. The database of contacts allows you to identify, connect and communicate with others working on health financing policy in your country or elsewhere.