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The area of patient safety cover a huge range of policies, strategies and interventions in various fields that contribute to improved health service delivery and population health. Multiple stakeholders are active in this field to provide a wealth of experience, best practices and lessons learned to share with the network.

Recognizing the large burden of harm (physically, psychologically, and economically) that results from adverse events, and acknowledging the importance of patient safety in delivering effective and efficient care to patients worldwide, WHO has created the WHO Global Patient Safety (GPS) Network. The aim is to provide a global platform for sharing experiences, approaches, resources, ideas, and opportunities for bilateral and multilateral collaboration in order to support health care improvement efforts.

The WHO GPS Network aims to connect actors and stakeholders from national and international patient safety agencies and organizations; ministries of health, focal points at all levels from WHO Member States and WHO offices, and all partners and stakeholders. The secretariat of this network is hosted by the WHO Patient Safety Flagship “A Decade of Patient Safety 2020-2030” (previously Patient Safety and Risk Management, and Patient Safety and Quality Improvement) in the Integrated Health Services Department at the WHO headquarters in Geneva.